Photos by Coleman Rogers. Used with permission.


Preliminary Night #2 Goes To Brix’N Mortar

If you weren’t yet in-the-know, Salem has a raging rock scene. Brix’N Mortar are exemplary ambassadors of this storied North Shore town. 

As a brand new hard-driving rock band – or Newstreetcrunkthrashglamcorpsegrinderoidancehallmetalcorewave as they most elegantly called their made up genre in their Q+A – you are paying yourselves a disservice to write them off as a run-of-the-mill loud band of misfits. 

As organizer and curator as I am so often called, I anticipate the audience groans of “heavy bands never win.” If you are in this camp, you’d be wrong. Ask Motherboar, Worshipper, or the myriad of other heavy and/or metal bands who’ve pushed past their prelim night. 

Brix N’ Mortar delivered power (a word used heavily during judges’ deliberations), range, dynamics, showmanship, a healthy competitive spirit, and community — co-vocalist and bass player Troy Schoeller wore a SkyTigers’ t-shirt during the start of the set. SkyTigers play next Friday, Prelim Night 5. 

Guest appearances from supreme being Petty Morals’ Taiphoon on vocals and Jeff Allen on keys was a brilliant move to bring “Suburban Murders” to life.

On to round two. Brix’N Mortar go to Semifinals on Saturday, April 20. 

Brix N’ Mortar Rumble Page


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