Stars Like Our 2017 | Photo by Josh Pickering

Stars Like Our 2017 | Photo by Josh Pickering

How is a band considered for the Rumble? 

Bands need to send music to and get played on Boston Emissions.
Keep in contact with the show.
Any band that meets this criteria is automatically considered. Other factors will apply.

Bands can only appear in the Rumble once.

How many bands are chosen each year?

24 bands participate, one guest band is invited to play Finals.

Do bands get paid to play in the The Rumble?

Yes, all bands are paid to participate. No band ever pays to play in the Rumble.
Pay to play sucks.

What are the expectations of participating bands?

All invited bands are expected to promote their participation in the Rumble.
Bands are given a complete outline of expectations before they agree to participate.

Who decides who plays?

Anngelle Wood, host of Boston Emissions (WBCN, WZLX) produces the Rumble.
Band selection is base on several factors.

Who decides what bands move on?

45 different people participate as judges – that’s 5 people per night, over 9 nights.
The pool is comprised of musicians, media, writers, performers, radio hosts, bookers, promoters, and members of the music community.

What is the criteria for the Rock & Roll Rumble?

Basic criteria for Rumble consideration is listed here. Other considerations apply.

  • Must be based in New England and online presence must indicate this
  • Must have released new music, music must be available in digital form — full songs (I use bandcamp almost exclusively for promotion)
  • Must be actively playing out around the area
  • Must be working to become established within the local music community (I pay close attention to promotional activity)
  • Must have a relatively active web presence on the most social platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website

About Boston Emissions:  BostonEmissions.com